Pro Audio Lectures

Marc A. Gallo conducts pro audio lectures at colleges and universities. He covers a wide variety of topics from dynamic range to mixing. Most recently, he discussed techniques in sound design for film and video at Rowan University.

College Internships

Jordan Rhode, Nick DiCecco & Marc A. Gallo (L to R)

Mind The Gap offers summer internships to qualified college students looking for a career in audio production and music technology. These students are pursuing music and media production degrees at Drexel University, Temple University and other schools in the Philadelphia area. The internship covers all aspects of recording and mixing as well as publishing and marketing music.

Cisco Seminars

Mind The Gap Presentation for Cisco Seminars

Discussed the integration of professional voice and audio recordings into Cisco’s Call Manager VOIP system with IT technicians.

WordPress MeetUps

Mind The Gap Presentation for WordPress MeetUps

Discussed the effectiveness of podcasting with WordPress designers and consultants for their clients’ websites and digital marketing strategies.