The Sci-Fi Animation Fortina-2

Sound designer Marc A. Gallo has created an immersive alien world for the sci-fi animation, Fortina-2 by London-based animator and storyteller Sean Sears.

Sci-Fi Animation Fortina-2Fortina-2 follows the tragic journey of Xed, a family man and highly skilled pilot. He’s sent on a desperate mission by the General, his commander, in an attempt to save his planet from extinction.

After a very long journey and great personal sacrifice, Xed discovers it was not just a waste of time but ultimately a betrayal by his own government. Without his knowledge, they found an alternate way of saving their planet which rendered his mission useless and himself, a sacrificial lamb.

Gallo designed the entire soundscape. This includes the foley and sound effects as well as the music. He also mixed the final soundtrack. The music was composed by Kevin Dawson.

According to Gallo, “With the use of discretion and limiting the sonic tools at hand, this soundtrack elevates the narrative and the animation. In telling the story of Xed, balance and dynamics were key in designing the sound and mixing the music. As a result, you’re immersed in his tragic journey.”

Fortina-2 will be featured at animation festivals worldwide in 2022.