Marc & Charles at a shoot in LBI, NJ

Marc & Charles at a shoot in Long Beach Island, NJ

A great chat with a long time friend and colleague Charles Kershenblatt on his podcast “Bringing It Back Home” featuring artists and craftspeople from a variety of trades and disciplines, all around the world.

Whenever I participated in previous interviews, there’s always a degree of trepidation. The interviewers typically feel obligated to exaggerate my work, whether it’s for their audience, my ego or both. This approach has consistently made me uncomfortable. Though I would be flattered, I never found it appropriate for our talk.

Fortunately, Charles conducted our interview like our normal conversations over all these years. With no embellishments or hyperboles, he just highlighted the tragic mishaps in my career…LOL!

We start with my high school years when I decide to teach myself how to play guitar. Quickly, it leads to college, Temple University in Philadelphia, jamming with lots of musicians which serendipitously becomes BAG, a zany, theatrical rock group featuring a cast of characters, a set of chairs and an egg helmet too!

Reality soon sets in though and we bring it back home. To a place that offers balance and a clear understanding of what it takes to create and pursue new challenges while being self contained. It’s not easy but persistence and commitment to the task at hand works.

It’s wonderful chatting with an interviewer like he’s your friend. In this rare talk, he actually is.